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These latest apple accessories are available on Micro Xpert Computer Systems.
HiRise for Apple Watch
Twelve South is acquiring its skill influencing stands to the Apple watch. The HiRise will charge the Apple Watch by puck through the back. A leather arrival cushion tenderly supports whatever band you have on the Watch. It will be available in silver and black color.
Luxury Pocket Stand
This Pad and Quill is known for its high quality cases and produced by genuine leather and wood. The Luxury Pocket Stand for Apple Watch is a collapsable charging stand "cut from a solitary bit of African mahogany or American cherry." It looks ageless.

Quick View Apple iPhone X 256GB Grey
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Apple iPhone X 256GB Grey

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Bikers celebrate! The CyClip will give you a chance to mount an Apple Watch on your bicycle handle. It utilizes metal pass on cast parts to "take care of the demand of the street." No cost or sending date yet, yet you can agree to accept refreshes at the connection underneath.
Epik Apple Watch Kit
The Apple Watch isn't waterproof, and keeping in mind that the danger of dropping it is low, its fine metals most likely won't do well with taking bumps. Lunatik is wanting to put forth a ruggedized defense. The outline will suit all highlights, including the Watch's heart rate sensor. The Epik will move from the model stage to crowd funding soon. Lunatik intends to transport it around three months after the Watch makes a big appearance on April 24.
Luxury Travel Kit
Apple Watch offers the Luxury Travel Kit which accompanies a compact charging stand.
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