1. Warranty Policy

    Warranty Terms and Conditions:

    1. Warranty doesn't means new replacement, Warranty covered means repair or replace part(s) or refurbished whichever is possible.
    2. Warranty claim may be rejected where the warranty sticker/serial number tempered or remove.
    3. If warranty Card is mentioned on invoice the customer should ensure that he receive the same and this warranty will be directly entertain by Distributor’s service center as mention in warranty card.
    4. Warranty will be refuse due to accidental damage or electrical surges.
    5. The manufacturer/supplier/distributor reserves the right to reject any claim whereby the product is broken or shows signs of burning.
    6. Warranty product will not be accepted without original invoice.
    7. Warranty is given by the reseller / vendor on behalf of the manufacturer/supplier/distributor. Hence reseller/vendor is not a direct party in this regard. If the product was sold in good working condition then the reseller/vendor is not responsible for any defect which may appear later.
    8. It is strongly recommended that customer should check the product before leaving our counter as warranty begins once the receipt has been generated. Incase of any problem then product will entertain in normal warranty claim process.
    9. Warranty does not cover any software / Virus Problem / Used Hardware Burned /Broken and Damage parts.
    10. Repair order must be shown at the time of Warranty collection.
    11. The product may be replaced or repaired at the time of discretion of manufacturer/supplier/distributor once the warranty claim is accepted. Warranty coverage period will be 2 to 6 weeks after receiving the product.
    12. All additional accessories with hardware will not entertain in warranty.
    13. The warranty claim may be accepted on “Conditional Warranty” basis if the warranty support centre is not satisfied that the defect is due to a manufacturing fault. Acceptance of Warranty claim in this case will depend solely on the discretion of the manufacturer/supplier/distributor. Please note that this may take more time than normal.
    14. Keyboard / Mouse / Speaker / Headphones / Power supplies carry checking warranty for 3 days.
    15. Warranty will not be entertained in case of appearance of dot in LCDs.
    16. All branded Products carry12 Months limited warranty except battery and adapters. International Warranty means that the products should be registered with the manufacturer directly and the warranty claim will be handled by the user himself. Manufacturer warranty should be followed. The reseller/vendor charge the expenses if customer requires to claim the warranty from the manufacturer.
    17. Branded Accessories Carry 07days Replacement warranty except battery and adapter.
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