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SOUNDPEATS -- Bringing music to life with intelligent technology

Started in 2010, SOUNDPEATS is a world-renowned audio brand that has been committed to the pursuit of the ultimate original sound reproduction through intelligent technology and sophisticated manufacturing processes for years.

  1. During the past decade, SOUNDPEATS has launched a series of outstanding wireless Bluetooth headphones. Due to excellent sound quality and ergonomic design, SOUNDPEATS’ products have been sold in more than 30 countries, successfully bringing exciting and energetic sound to more than 20 million music lovers, mainly in Japan and the United States.

SOUNDPEATS advocates for intelligent technology and is dedicated to integrating music into daily life. They aim to create scientific and innovative wireless Bluetooth products to bring the ultimate audio-visual experience to  every user.

Won 6 2021VGP Awards in Japan


SOUNDPEATS’ Mini, Sonic, Sonic Pro, and Watch Pro 1 won the VGP 2021 SUMMER Awards.