Xiaomi Mi WiFi Nano Smart Router Youth Edition

Mi Router Mini: 2-channel 802.11ac router in an incredibly small and attractive design. The design looks very decent, as was the case Apple'sMagic Trackpad.

Mini designed for mobile use when you want to connect to local area networks at home, at work, in the hotel, and you can get a stable wireless connection for your devices. Also, you can take the Mini Router with a crowded mall, where you will have a sustainable access.
Product Code: Xiaomi Mi WiFi Nano Smart Router Youth Edition
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Dual-frequency Smart Mi router, the best value for money

Gigabit WIFI router, you definitely need such AC router

Dual-frequency Smart Mi router, the best value for money

Gigabit WIFI router, you definitely need such AC router

3 times faster! Support for the latest standard 802.11ac, data rate of 1167Mbps

Dual-frequency Smart Mi router with two antennas, simultaneous support of two 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz band, may be separately set up of 2 WIFI. Support for the latest standard 802.11ac. At a frequency of 5 GHz-speed wireless Internet can reach 867Mbps. Interoperability of two frequencies, rate may reach to 1167Mbps, that in comparison with a conventional router, 3 times faster! You can easily browse online high definition movies, and other videos, play games and other such applications with high demands and large volumes.

* Response rate Mi WIFI Router mini

Dual-frequency antennas 2 x 2 speakers, support through walls

Presence of dual-frequency antenna AC 2 x 2 Smart router has two times better data transmission rate, as opposed to 1x1 antennas. More powerful and stable signal, which provides family network signal quality without noise: a high-speed downloads, watching HD movies and ability to play games smoothly.

New features

Instant switching, changing universal network

Make it so that WIFI covers every corner of your home

Router still does not cover all of your property? When using Mi router, you do not need to install a network cable or to make any special settings. You need only a touch of a button, to switch relay of your main router, to increase WIFI signal, and enjoy a wide wireless coverage, adaptation of various router brands.

Make your home - the house of high technology

Mi router, smart home

Quick Connect, enjoy Smart features

Because of wide spread of continuous Smart devices for home, they gradually came into our lives. Now, thanks to mini router, you can control air conditioning and even electric lights or set mode of devices according to your habits.

Still need expert help to install a router?

Now, all you need is only a safe and easy use of OS Mi WIFI Router

Special application / remote control / adjustment in one click

Setting up a new Internet router in two steps. Developed an intelligent system based on Mi WIFI Open Wrt, graphic operation that is very accessible and easy to use. By application on a mobile phone, you can at any time anywhere check work of the router, diagnose it in one click and fix problem.

Double protection, more secure router

Protection from prying, unwanted users

Notice about connecting by unwanted user, suspicious connection, so by opening mobile app, you can immediately unplug "intruder."

In cooperation with Tencent Security C

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