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Earldom accessories are growing faster with its number of technical equipment and accessories such as MICRO USB plug, charging cables, earphones, male to male stereo AUX audio cables, Universal Car holder which are truly made to provide technical features to your precious devices. Earldom Devices are the getting famous among the cell phone lovers, who love to play games and videos but can’t do so because of fast battery drain. To solve this issue, Earldom now presents its efficient cables to charge any kind of device whether it is iPad, tablets, or cell phones. The Earldom’s 3.5mm and 2m professional male to male stereo cable for AUX and Audio can now provide you good and surrounding quality audio for your car’s AUX. These AUX cables for Audios are the best-efficient, durable and cost-effective extensive cables to give you safe, risk-free and good quality time. On the other hand, the Earldom Universal Car Holder with the rotation of 360 degrees is 
now available for Mobile phones at MicroXpert. This Mobile Phone holder can hold any size of a cell phone within the limit of 6-inches. The material used in it is silicon and plastic to keep it safe from any kind of damages. Earldom promises its customers to provide them branded accessories for their expensive devices to help them save from severe damages. You can enjoy Earldom branded accessories in Pakistan now through MicroXpert at very reasonable prices. In addition to all the above products, Earldom also deal with Earldom wireless Bluetooth stereo earphones, rapid USB travel adapter and wall charger, 2 ports car charger, Earldom FM transmitter with Bluetooth wireless and much more. Visit Pakistan’s best-selling accessories online website named as MicroXpert, from where you can buy branded accessories of Earldom for your devices. The will serve you best by providing you good quality products.