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Anker is one of the fastest growing cellphone and hardware accessory brand. Anker accessories have outstanding and latest technologies that make its functions efficient and fast. These accessories have features of MultiProtect, safety and protection systems. This literally enables the safety of the device and deals with the risks such as, overheating, fires and explosions. The chargers have PowerIQ 2.0, it is the exclusive fast-charging technology. It detects your device to supply the fastest possible charge. The PowerIQ 2.0 charging chip promptly identifies any attached device and regulates voltage output for optimized charging speed. This technology works efficiently with Apple, Samsung, Kindle and a lot others too. Furthermore, Power banks, chargers, cables and other products are available too. Anker comes with diverse products, for every device. Good quality products for tablets, mobile phones, iPads, wall plugs etc are available. Micro Xpert Computer Systems collaborates with Anker accessories and deliver all over Pakistan at best rates. We make sure you get the best accessories and have choice among various brands. Micro Xpert has every type of accessory to fulfill your needs and make your device work efficiently. From phone cases to car 
Quick View Anker PowerLine Micro USB Cable
70% Off

Anker PowerLine Micro USB Cable

Rs. 150Rs. 500
Quick View Anker® Nylon Braided USB Cable with Lightning Connector
81% Off
Out of Stock

Anker® Nylon Braided USB Cable with Lightn...

Rs. 350Rs. 1,850
Quick View Zolo 20W Car Charger by Anker® 4Amp 2X USB Output
37% Off
Out of Stock

Zolo 20W Car Charger by Anker® 4Amp 2X USB...

Rs. 850Rs. 1,350
Quick View Anker PowerCore+ 10050 Qualcomm 2.0 Power Bank
29% Off
Out of Stock

Anker PowerCore+ 10050 Qualcomm 2.0 Power ...

Rs. 2,650Rs. 3,750
accessories, to wall chargers, Micro Xpert is devoted to serve its customers with world class accessories. Furthermore, there are additional accessories such as solar chargers, power strip, desktop chargers, audio appliances like speakers, Bluetooth etc. Micro Xpert Computer systems has undoubtedly amazing offers and accessories may it be computer, car or phone accessories. Our online consumers have built the trust in Micro Xpert to provide them with fast services and affordable prices. Micro Xpert has wide range of brands you can always select from, according to your needs and prices you have in mind. Visit our official website at to shop right now