K8 2in1 Wireless Microphone

With built-in noise reduction chip, the microphone has strong anti-interference ability to effectively identify and record original sound distinctly in noisy environment.
Using high-density anti-spray sponge and high-sensitivity probe, it can receive sound 360 degrees with rapid response and fine reception.
It is made of high-quality ABS material, which is lightweight and durable.
The length of the microphone is 6.5cm, the width is 1.85cm and the height is 2.6cm. The length of the adapter is 4.45cm, the width is 2.75cm and the height is 0.78cm.
Mobile phone, SLR camera and computer are all in common. And it is suitable for live interview and vlog shooting. The microphone is plug and play. It can be paired automatically, which gets rid of the bondage of wired. Plug in the receiver after power on, and it can connect automatically
Item Name: Wireless Microphone
Material: ABS
Color: Black
Battery: Built-in 75mAh Battery (Included)
Endurance: 5 Hours
Wireless Transmission Distance
Brand: K8
Availability: In Stock
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