JS9 Ultra Max 2.2" Big Amoled Display Smart Watch

it has a classic boxy shape with a flat 2.2-inch screen, and unlike the Series 8 clone, it doesn't have 2.5D curves. Despite being an affordable smartwatch, the JS9 Ultra Max exhibits a solid yet comfortable build that exudes elegance and a premium feel. The high-quality body is reflected in its slim and lightweight body, made of high-quality stainless steel with a smooth silver matte finish.
Underneath the Ultra Max, you’ll find the sensor that powers all the health and sports features of the device, showcasing its commitment to providing comprehensive tracking capabilities. With four screws on the back, it offers enhanced durability, making it a more competitive option. As is customary, the metal ring facilitates wireless magnetic charging, ensuring convenient and hassle-free charging experiences. Additionally, on the sides, you’ll find two lock buttons designed to secure the strap in place, providing a reliable and secure fit.

Brand: Wearfit Pro
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