BASEUS Red-Dot PUBG Triggers

Baseus Red-Dot Mobile Game Scoring Tool:
Gaming scoring tool for smartphone
Your advantage in virtual battle – With 4 fingers in play, you can react faster than other players. In shooters like PUBG, you can shoot while aiming. Say goodbye to awkward stand-still shooting without moving situations.
No blocking of sightline – No blocking of game-playing sightline = no impact on the experience.
Firm buttons – Rugged texture guarantees steady shooting without slippery or mistaken touch.
Fully fit, never coming loose – High-elastic spring with silicone fitting surface, automatically adapt to the thickness of the phone.
Safe for phone case – Thanks to silicone cushions you don’t need to worry about scratches on the case of your mobile phone.
With or without cover – But you always can play with your phone cover on. Either it will be a hard PC case or soft TPU cover.
For every smartphone – Suitable for every smartphone. For every size, brand and operation system.

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