Samsung Galaxy A70 USB-C PD Cable 1M - Black

he internet is flooded with cheap fake Samsung chargers and cables that could damage your phone and possibly even cause injury to yourself and your family. At Mobile Fun, we pride ourselves on only sourcing products from respected suppliers that have been authorised by Samsung. So, you can be sure of a top quality accessory that has been manufactured to Samsung's recognised quality assurance for the best compatibility and most important of all - the best safety standards.

Power Delivery Compatible
This Official Samsung Galaxy A70s Cable allows Power Delivery. Designed with the latest technology, this cable allows ultra fast charging ensuring your up to full charge in no time. In addition, it is fitted with power surge which prevents your battery being damaged from over-charging as when the device is fully charged, the cable cuts off the power supply ensuring your device is safe. Moreover, this cable allows you to control the flow of charge, meaning you can alter the direction of w
Product Code: USB-C PD
Brand: Samsung
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