Google Pixel PD 3.0 USB C Powerful Adapter

Google made a big deal of the fast charging times for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, and my testing shows they were right to be proud of it. I recently tested 5 different ways to charge the iPhone 8 Plus and thought it only made sense to put the Pixel 2 up against those numbers to see how it stacks up to its competition. Without further ado, here’s the numbers: The Pixel charges incredibly fast, and eclipses all charging methods I tried with the iPhone 8 Plus. The Pixel is faster off the line, going from zero to 18% in 10 minutes and then getting to 31% in 20 minutes. The iPhone 8 Plus got to 15% and 29% at those same times. In the same ballpark, but the Pixel definitely wins The iPhone mysteriously picked up the pace after that and over took the Pixel from the 30 to 70 minute marks, but the Pixel pulled back into the lead and finished charging to 100% in about 100 minutes, a full 20 minutes before the iPhone 8 Plus completed its charge Now the iPhone really takes its foot off the gas whe
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