Skullcandy® Crusher Headphones with Built-in Amplifier

Adjustable bass output lets you customize your experience for every genre
Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices
Up to 40 hours of extended battery life
Features memory foam ear pads and a collapsible design
Treat your ears to an immersive listening experience with Skullcandy® Crusher Wireless Headphones. Experience the difference that custom-tuned drivers, stereo haptic bass and noise isolation technology make on your music library. And with a sturdy yet foldable design and a travel bag included, you'll never be without a quick sweet treat for your brain again.
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    Refined Acoustics with Custom Drivers

    The Skullcandy Crusher Wireless has been built with custom drivers. The bass extension driver delivers a powerful and refined bass experience that transforms your audio into a bass that you feel through your veins. No doubt they're bassy but they brilliantly manage that without drowning out the Natural Vocals and Precision Highs. Experience detail with every music genre.

    Designed with Purpose

    The Crusher Wireless by Skullcandy boasts a commendable design and built. With memory foam earpads and a sturdy plastic, the headphones have been designed from scratch by world-class audio engineers.

    Attenuates Unwanted External Noise

    The Crusher Wireless employs huge earcups that are luxuriously padded with soft foam. Covered in synthetic leather, will have to put the headphones on to truly know how comfortable they feel. The headphones seal your ears and block out noise for an uninterrupted music listening experience.



    Stereo Haptic Bass

    The Crusher Wireless features Stereo Haptic Bass that is delivered to each side of the head. This leaves you with a true variable bass on the left and right!

    Adjustable Bass Control

    A feature that sets the Skullcandy Crusher Wireless apart from the rest is its Bass Sensation Slider that is accommodated on the left ear cup. Depending on your track or media, you can slide the slider all the way up for intense punchy bass or have no extra bass, if your track calls for the same.


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